Misha Moore

Misha Moore – President

Misha Moore is a self-taught mosaic artist and potter. Misha has a love and a passion for glass, color and texture. Her work is primarily in stained glass, but recently she has branched into Mixed Media Mosaics. Her mosaic journey has been a blessing in her life – she has made friends, traveled to Africa and is on the verge of full bloom as an artist.

Misha had previously served on the CMA board as both the treasurer and as a special events coordinator. These board positions allowed her to be very active in both long and short term planning, meeting planning, calendar creation and so much more. She took a break in 2015, but currently serves as the President for CMA.

Misha is excited to see where mosaics continue to take her as a person and as an artist. In 2015 she sold a piece to the Colorado Children’s Hospital, won a trip to the annual SAMA conference, and a class with Isaiah Zagar in Philadelphia. She was also awarded the 2015 CMA grant and took a sculptural concrete workshop with Wouterina De Raad. Additionally in 2015, she completed a very large commission for Pinnacol Assurance and is now selling her work at 45 Degree Gallery in Olde Colorado City.



Becki Whittington-Vice President

Becki Whittington is a mosaic/mixed media artist with a background in instructional design and school counseling. After being introduced to mosaics as a 7th grader at Long Lots Jr. High School, Westport, CT, she has forayed into the medium with more vigor starting in 2012. She continues her life-long learning by participating in workshops and classes taught by recognized mosaic artists.

Whittington puts the essence of herself into each piece that is one-of-a-kind, whimsical, thoughtful and is inspired by the stories to be told. use  She uses unique combinations of shape, texture and color along with a wide variety of materials to create these works of art. The art is created with tile, china, beads, jewelry, scrapbook paper, photographs, stained glass, wire,  tempered glass, polymer clay, acrylic paint, and alcohol ink. The interpretation of artwork is always in the eye of the beholder yet many of her pieces invoke reaction by being interactive with a game and/or a phrase.

Her work is on permanent display at The Maine Dowd Eisenhower Library, Broomfield, CO and The Children’s Hospital, Aurora, CO. Private collections include addresses from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Barbados. Whittington participates in shows as part of the Colorado Mosaic Artists, Lakewood Arts Co-op, and Broomfield Art Guild.

Her roots started in the Midwest, were nurtured on the East Coast, and are firmly held in Broomfield, CO where has raised her children. Her studio is also located in Broomfield.



Jane Glotzer- Bench

Jane Glotzer – Secretary/Treasurer

Jane Glotzer, mosaic artist, designer, visual stylist, and current CMA Treasure-tary has been a crafter and maker of things for as long as she can remember.

plain jane design…anything but plain in Boulder, Colorado is dedicated to reducing waste and consumption by focusing on recovering, reclaiming, redesigning, repurposing and reusing the used, but not used up. Renewed life is breathed into old, tired cast-offs by her contemporary approach to the ancient art of mosaics.

Jane’s award winning reclaimed mosaic work has been exhibited across the front range of Colorado. She has donated art to Guitar Town for VH1’s Music Cares, One Lafayette, BMoCA Charity, Boulder Attention Homes, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and Frequent Flyers Productions. Jane was commissioned by the city of Lakewood to create a mosaic park bench for last summer’s Beautiful Bench project and recently completed a powder room back splash commission for a Boulder home.

At this point in her life, Jane is in her 6th or 7th incarnation, having been a 2nd grade teacher, a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer, a mother of two (now grown) sons, a preschool teacher, an interior designer, a children’s theater teacher, and a visual stylist and merchandiser. She has been a member of Colorado Mosaic Artists for three years and its Secretary/Treasurer for 2016-2017. She is an exhibiting member of NoBo Art District. She lives in Boulder with her husband Steve, and when not working on mosaics enjoys zentangle drawing, art journaling and watercolors, hiking in our beautiful state, gardening (sometimes!), practicing yoga, taking ballet and modern dance classes, attending live music and dance performances, boogieing it up whenever possible and continually being inspired by other artists.

Pam Farris-Media/Public Relations

I’ve been an educator for 23 years in schools ranging from private high school to public elementary to my current position as Art and Technology teacher In Jefferson County.  I have also been a School Representative in the Colorado Art Education Association and Chair of Artsource Colorado.  As the Chair of Artsource Colorado, I was responsible for all the communications, budgeting, overseeing committees, signing contracts and being the figurehead for the organization.

Three years ago, I decided to practice what I preach and be an artist.  I’m always telling my kids to take a chance and make art.  After a terrible mosaic workshop, I modified what I learned to create successful mosaics.  Mosaic for me is a stress reliever and creative outlet.  I also joined a co-op gallery to broaden my artistic experience.  The gallery has shown me a different side of the art world where you have to decide what your audience is and what will sell.

The Colorado Mosaic Artists group has been a wealth of information and support.  I found a group that gets my mosaic obsession.