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Happy 2018!
So nice to see all of you at our great kick off first meeting of the year today…we missed those who were unable to join us!
Attached is my Intro to Insta (gram) handout from the meeting…lots we got done…still lots to learn…maybe we’ll do an update in a month or two after folks are trying it out…More info in this email that we didn’t have time for and maybe not in the handout…please read on! ūüôā
(I’ve also attached an application for anyone still needing to renew…please do so before the end of the month!)
We now have an account on Instagram!…a great, visual social media platform for artists…and everybody…
ColoradoMosaicArtists    password: mozaix
We can all post to it…please remember to always use hashtags (#) when posting…we should always tag everything #CMA and #ColoradoMosaicArtists and then there will be those specific pages with just our stuff…but also use lots and lots of other more general ones like #mosaics #mosaicart #mosaicartwork #mosaicartist #glass #tile #recycledart #ballchain, #geology #crashglass etc. etc. etc. Use your imagination…describe the work, the materials, the images, geographical area, colors, etc. This gets our photos out on more and more pages. Every hashtag has its own page. You can add hashtags after you post too, if you think of others, just by using the comment bubble…try it out…poke around and you’ll figure it out quickly…pretty easy user interface…if I can do it, anyone can do it… just click on it, click on it! for those who were there today–:)
If you do not already have the app…we would love for you to get it and participate on our page!
Once you have downloaded the free Instagram app from the App store or Google play on your phone or tablet, log into the CMA account:
ColoradoMosaicArtists      password: mozaix
If you already have an Instagram account you can add a second account, that you will be able to switch between. If you go to your home page (the head silhouette on the bottom right) and click on the gear/settings icon in the top right (or some phones show three horizontal dots) scroll all the way down to Add Account…sign in to CMA’s account…then to switch between your two accounts, there is a arrow/carat at the top under account name that will show both options when clicked…
Folks were starting to post pictures already so please feel free to start commenting on them by touching the talk bubble!
We didn’t really specifically discuss the two ways to post a picture but the plus sign in the center on the bottom is how you choose from your phone’s library, and the camera icon at the top left is how you take a picture in the moment and then post that picture right away…you will probably want to get a photo collage app at some point to create posts with more than one pic…I have one called Layout…you can also post multiple picture posts that viewers can scroll through…that’s an icon that comes up when you start choosing photos from you library…
That’s probably enough info at this point, but please everyone! free to email me with questions or come ask me for help or advice at any meeting!!
Thanks for being an integral part of CMA…we couldn’t do it without you…our beautiful, sparkly, eclectic, varied mosaic of fabulous artists…let us know how we can support you…here’s to 2018 and our motto for the year…inspire, connect, and grow!
and the rest of the CMA board
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CMA Meeting

Combined Business and Members Meeting ‚Äď 14 January 2018, 1-4 pm ‚Äď Belmar Library

Co-President Jeannie Clinkenbeard called the meeting to order at 1:15pm.

At CMA’s the first monthly meeting, which was also its first business meeting of the year, Co-Presidents Jeannie Clinkenbeard and Jane Glotzer, with the agreement of the CMA Members present, noted that:

  • Officers of CMA for 2018 are:
    • Co-Presidents‚ÄĒJane Glotzer and Jeannie Clinkenbeard
    • Vice President‚ÄĒBecki Whittington
    • Secretary/Treasurer‚ÄĒCharles Garth Meyers
    • Public Relations/Media‚ÄĒPam Farris
    • Programming Coordinator‚ÄĒBarb Arne
  • Monthly meetings of CMA will usually be held on the second Sunday of the month (see schedule below)
  • There will be three business meetings during the year, which will be combined with the regular monthly meetings in January, June; and November
  • Doors for business meetings and monthly meetings will be open at 1:00 pm, but the official start time will be 1:15 pm
  • Each meeting will include time for ‚Äėshow and tell‚Äô. Members may ask for constructive criticism of the pieces they show if they wish to receive such feed back
  • Food and snacks will continue to be part of each meeting. According to where a member‚Äôs last name falls in the alphabet, half the members will be requested to bring food, snacks, or beverages to one meeting, the other half to the next meeting
  • Member Ron Candelaria has volunteered to bring the traveling library to each meeting. Members may borrow books from, and may donate mosaic-related books to, the library.¬† Thank you Ron!
  • The grant program to support the artistic advancement of a CMA member has been canceled because of low interest. The money will be used instead to help members attend and/or participate in workshops offered by one or more guest speakers or visiting artists
  • large pieces, such as tools and furniture, may be offered as part of the SWAP program for each meeting, but in this case, photos of the large items should be emailed to the Members before meetings so that the actual item can be brought to the meetings only if someone would like to have it
  • Ideas (including suggestions for date and place) for the annual retreat should be given to Barb Arne
  • The Board of CMA will meet three times in 2018

CMA’s meeting schedule for 2018 is:

Date Place Topics / Activities
January 12 Lakewood Belmar Library

555 S. Allison Pkwy

Host:  Laurie Mulhonen

Combined business and regular meeting.

Make permanent name tags; presentation on SAMA by Kathy Thaden; presentation on Instagram by Jane Glotzer

February 11 Lakewood Belmar Library

555 S. Allison Pkwy

Host:  Barb Arne

How to give constructive critiques; mosaic demos and technique stations; share your art
March 11 310 Balsam Ave., Boulder

Host:  Pat Monroe

Pat’s floor mosaic; SWAP tesserae, bring your extras to share at this meeting; share your art
April 8 6755 Ranch Lane, Morrison

Host:  Susan Judy

The use of rocks in mosaic; pebble mosaic make and take; share your art; 4×4 challenge monochrome mosaic; members Pam Farris and Charles Garth Meyers presentation and make and take on history of Roman mosaics
May 20 500 Mohawk Drive #209, Boulder

Host: Julie Golden

Creating outdoor mosaic including garden art and birdhouses; share your art
June 10 1122 Union Ave., Boulder

Host:  Jane Glotzer

<< since both May and June meetings are in Boulder, locations may change >>

Combined business and regular meeting.
Apoxie Sculpt, beads pendant make and take; share your art; SWAP tesserae; 4×4 challenge to use apoxie sculpt and a new tessera that you have not tried before
July 8 1844 S. Lafayette St., Denver

Host:  Judy Wrede

Working on mesh; share your art
August 12 10530 W. Alamo Place, Littleton

Host:  Ron Candelaria

Saw demos, bring your project and questions; share your art
September 9 1507 Stardance Circle, Longmont

Host:  Cindy Miller

SWAP your tesserae; 4×4 challenge to incorporate a found object into your design; share your art
October 14 8030 W Progress Circle, Lakewood

Host:  Barb Arne

Recycling, upcycling; member Laurie Mulhonen spotlight presentation; members Pam Farris and Charles Garth Meyers presentation on the history of mosaics; share your art
November 11 Lone Tree Library

10055 Library Way

Host:  Judy Pendleton

Combined business and regular meeting; election of officers for 2019.

Member Karen Keyes presentation (tentative); share your art

December 8 Address


Holiday Party.¬† Make a mosaic ornament; 4×4 challenge to use mirror tiles; share your art

Other Events Scheduled or Tentative for 2018 are:

Date Place Activity
March 9 & 23 Address

Instructor:  Pam Farris

Workshop: making your own Clay Tiles; $5 includes both dates; Fridays, 4 to 8 pm.  If you can’t make it quite by 4 pm, it’s okay to arrive late.
TBD Address

Instructor:  ??

Workshop: exploring Shapecrete and Hypertufa
TBD Address

Instructor:  ??

Workshop: making your own ‚Äėwedi board‚Äô
TBD Address

Instructor:  ??

Workshop: working with styrofoam as a substrate
TBD Address

Visiting Artist:  David Jarvinen

TBD Address

Visiting Artist:  Dianne Sonnenberg

TBD Address

Instructor:  ??

Concrete Couch Demo and Colorado Springs mosaic tour;  will take place on the 2nd Saturday of a month

Presentation by Kathy Thaden

Kathy Thaden’s presentation on SAMA included

  • the value and challenges of getting SAMA to hold one of their meetings in Denver (a couple of the challenges are getting enough volunteers to do most of the work‚ÄĒSAMA has only two salaried employees; finding an appropriate gallery)
  • the major exhibit is juried
  • there is a vendor marketplace which is not juried
  • there is a silent auction
  • tours to see mosaic art in area of SAMA conferences are available
  • convention Guides are valuable sources of good examples of mosaic art
  • benefits of regular membership in SAMA include a quarterly journal, a podcast, and access to SAMA‚Äôs Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • benefits for professional members includes ability to list classes, workshops, lectures, etc. offered by the professional member and these members can also put the SAMA logo on their own websites

Presentation by Jane Glotzer

Jane Glotzer presented a comprehensive introduction to using Instagram to help artists promote their work.  Please see Jane’s separate handout for details.

Annette Coleman

Annette noted that there are many opportunities in the Denver metro area to participate in pubic art projects.  Most of these projects pay enough to cover costs.  She suggested that CMA form a dedicated committee of interested members to learn how to move into public art and to help determine projects that CMA, or some members of CMA, would like to pursue.  Members who would like to be involved should contact Annette.

As an example of how CMA might involve itself in large public art projects, Annette described a large project in Broomfield that consists of many smaller parts.  The group as a whole would decide on the parameters of the entire project then one or a few of the smaller parts could be worked on by a single artist or by two or three artists working together within the overall parameters.

Bob and Marlea Taylor

The video produced by Bob and Marlea is wonderful.  Many thanks to them for putting it together.  Their video can be seen on CMA’s Facebook pages.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water CMA Exhibition

This exhibition runs from January 20 through May 13 at the Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Ave. in Loveland.  Opening reception is February 9, 6 to 8 pm.  Mosaic-related programming connection with the exhibition includes:

  • From the Past to Present: A Look at Mosaic Art, lecture by CMA members Marlea Taylor and Kathy Thaden. Saturday Feb 10, 1 pm
  • Hands on Workshop: Make and Take Mosaic, facilitated by CMA member Pam Farris. Saturday Feb 24, 1 to 3 pm (free)
  • Mother‚Äôs Day Mosaic Market, small items of mosaic art by CMA members offered for sale

The meeting was adjourned at 4 pm.

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Here is what happened at November’s business meeting, in case you missed it. This one¬†was chock full, as always…

¬† ¬† ¬†21¬†members and one guest, who subsequently¬†joined, welcome Melodie!, gathered at Deborah Williams’ studio in Denver. Upcoming exhibits include a repeat of the theme exhibit Earth, Air, Fire, Water at the Loveland Museum Green Room from¬†January 20-May 13. There is room for 17 pieces…let Becki know if you are interested…she needs paperwork by¬†November 27th. Highlands Ranch library show is¬†January 13-February 28; deadline to let Becki know also¬†November 27th. There is room for up to 121 pieces so everyone should show at least one piece! There will be a reception¬†Saturday January 13th…more details from Becki to follow. We are waiting for confirmation about a show in the fall at Children’s Hospital in Aurora and we are confirmed for shows at Belmar Library in November 2018, and Lakewood Arts Gallery and 40 West in 2019. And we will be applying to the Dairy Center in Boulder for 2019. Get glueing–:)
We currently have 63 members (65 since the meeting) and it is time to renew your dues for 2018–$40 cash, check or PayPal. We have $2139.75 in the bank and just received $14.44 from Amazon Smile for 3rd quarter donations.¬†
Don’t forget, if¬†you do shop at Amazon, please use this special link to support CMA with your purchases…nothing extra for you and a few cents on each purchase for us…tell your friends and family, too! ¬†¬†¬†If you’re shopping online, it makes it so very easy to donate to us…your favorite mosaic group!¬†
     93 calendars were sold at $12; 23 artists participated; there are a few extras if you want to purchase a couple more. Send posts for FaceBook and our website to Pam (, PR/Media Coordinator.
Hosts are needed for 2018; please contact Barb ( Our next meeting will be our annual pot luck holiday party SATURDAY December 9th at St. John Chrysostom Episcopal church, 13151 W 28th Ave in Golden from 1-4. A-I please bring beverage, J-R main dish, S-Z dessert. If you want to participate in gift exchange, please bring wrapped $10 mosaic related gift (one that you would want to receive!) Details will come shortly.
Nan Judson shared beautiful work she created and ideas about color theory and composition she learned in the CMA education grant funded workshop she took with North Carolina artist Carol Shelkin. Great tips about sorting colors and help to see not just color, but value and intensity. She had a glass sorting exercise for us that used gray scale and color wheels and using the b&w filter on your camera phone.     

Jeannie Clinkenbeard and yours truly, Jane Glotzer, were elected co-Presidents and Charles Meyers will be the new Secretary/Treasurer. We thank Misha for her tenure as President…it’s been two years of fantastic growth, educational opportunities¬†and accomplishments. This will be my last monthly meeting recap…I know you will all miss my loquacious missives, but obviously, you’ll all be seeing me pretty regularly. Looking ahead to taking this amazing group forward with Jeannie and other board members, Becki, Barb, Pam and Charles.

As always, thanks for being a part of CMA…we couldn’t do it without you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…see you in December!

your retiring
CMA Treasure-tary

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We had a lovely presentation by Judy Wrede who has painted tiles since 1998 and has her own studio and business suppling high-end design companies.
Judy brought some of her sample tiles and a wonderful PPT presentation.
Barb shared many great tips on working with Wedi board as a form for your mosaic work
  • Wedi can be purchased online and at CABCO
  • Better to use Wedi Board than some woods –¬†Some members shared stores of mosaics coming off of wood after piece was complete.
  • Prep it for hanging BEFORE you glue – using D rings 1/3 way down back of piece
  • You can cut Wedi Board to size using a utility knife and ruler
  • Remember to go over edges with fiber tape (alkali resistant – where they sell cement supplies)
  • Cover with Thinset
  • Thinset tints can be purchased from Sherry Warner Hunter. ¬†You can also ¬†use color pigment from art stores.
  • Then members shared their artwork and techniques with the group
  • ¬†¬†
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18¬†members, including new members Peggy Rowlett and Nancy Holt¬†(welcome!) along with photographer-in-chief Bob Taylor gathered at Pat’s¬†house in Boulder We started the meeting with board members explaining the responsibilities for their positions and the time generally required, for potential applicants for President, (or co-President,) and Secretary/Treasurer. Elections are in November…please speak to Misha or Jane for any info you may need about these openings…we are here to help with the transition, and will hold your hand the whole way!¬†

¬† ¬† Our¬†introduction “question” was Have you ever had an idea for a project, but were too scared to try? What was stopping you and why? Lots of interesting responses from Wedi board to various tool phobias to not enough time and too many ideas! Barb would love to help with the tool/material phobic…email her with ideas for meeting ideas if you would like¬†support with dremels, saws, framing, wiring for shows, etc…

¬† ¬†It’s also been decided that our pro bono project this year will be the Make & Take for children at the Denver Maker Faire¬†October 14, 15, 2017 as education is part of our mission statement. Volunteers at our booth will also be able to show their art and will discuss and promote mosaics with the adult participants.

Pat took a free class at Apple and gave a fabulous presentation on how she uses iMovie to create videos. She also showed great photos¬†discussing the mathematics of beauty, portraits by the masters, self portraits and how to start creating portraits with mosaics. She also shared some of her cool new photo collage faces. Other members shared new work including new member Nancy, along with¬†Jean, Jeannie, Cindy, Julie, and Jane…come to a meeting and see what we are creating!

The show at Westminster City Hall was hung yesterday and looks fabulous…a beautiful mosaic of work!!! Come out to the reception this Thursday August 24th from 5 to 7 and support your fellow CMAers.
New updated roster and email list will follow shortly. We have 61 members and are going strong!

e last reminder…If you do shop at Amazon, please use this special link to support CMA with your purchases…nothing extra for you and a few cents on each purchase for us…tell your friends and family, too! ¬†¬†¬†If you’re shopping online, it makes it so very easy to donate to us…your favorite mosaic group!

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Hello CMA Members!
As mentioned at the last meeting we have a couple of fun new sculpture workshops that we are offering to our members. As a member we are offering a $50 credit that can be used toward either of these workshops. You can invite friends or family to take these workshops with you, but they will need to pay the full price. This is an amazing opportunity for CMA members to learn some new skills. Each of these workshops is a little different so please pay attention to the course description and details below.

***Kathy Thaden has had a few folks sign up already and space is limited to 12.

***In order to get this amazing deal from Katherine England we need a minimum of 20 participants.

If you have any desire to attend or participate in these workshops please don’t delay, sign up today!

Kathy Thaden of Thaden Mosaics
***Date’s have been changed to August 25th, 26th and 27th***

Mosaic-Ready Sculpture
During this three-day workshop, Kathy will help you flesh out your ideas so you can create an original piece of mosaic art!
Using wire mesh, mortar, other tools and materials you will learn to create your own original sculpture. These materials enable the mosaic artist to create a range of forms and shapes inexpensively, sturdy and ready to mosaic!
This workshop will include discussions and demonstrations covering such things as mixing and applying a durable mortar, materials used, safety concerns and more. This workshop is a must for anyone seeking to expand their sculptural mosaic horizons! No mosaic will be applied at this workshop, but you’ll be creating a unique three-dimensional form you can later mosaic with your own tesserae.

As the workshop draws nearer, Kathy will email guidelines to participants to help you explore ideas for your 3D form.

Materials provided:
Ôā∑Thinset mortar
Ôā∑Hardware cloth
Ôā∑Custom Wood base if needed

You’ll need to bring:
Ôā∑Wire cutters
Ôā∑Needle-nose and any other pliers
Ôā∑Leather work gloves for working with wire
Ôā∑Rubber or vinyl gloves for working with the thinset

Workshop runs three full days from 10:00am to 4:00pm
FridaySunday, Aug. 25th  26th and 27th, 2017
Location: CITC (Construction Industry Training Council) 646 Mariposa St. Denver, CO 80204
Fee:  $200 plus $20 materials fee = $220 Total

Please use the following link to register and pay for your workshop with Kathy. If you are a member please note on the form that you are sending $50 less so that CMA can reimburse Kathy for your credit. You still need to pay the minimum $50 deposit by August 1 to secure a spot. Your CMA discount will be taken off the balance due.

Katherine England of Katherine’s Studio

Online Lightweight Garden Sculpture
Katherine is offering her Online Lightweight Garden Sculpture course, normally priced at $200. This is a one-time offer for $100, which you can then use the $50 credit bringing the course to just $50!! Please take a look at the link below. But do not sign up there! This is an online workshop, so there is not a defined start and finish date.
How to sign up:

  • Please email me ( with your intent to join this course, and verify what email address you‚Äôd like to use for the course.
  • Please send a check (addressed to CMA) in the amount of $50 for members or $100 for non-members to me at:

Misha Moore
10240 W 8th Place
Lakewood, CO 80215

  • You will need to sign up by July 10th.
  • I will then get the appropriate information to Katherine and she will email you about the workshop from there.

These are both very unique opportunities for our members, please take advantage of the awesome opportunity and the amazing savings!

You can only use one $50 credit, you cannot use it on both workshops!
If you have any question please feel free to call, email or text me.

Thank you,
Misha Moore
President Colorado Mosaic Artists


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This was mostly a business meeting, but we did have fun hearing from Kathy Thaden about andamento, color theory and creating series of artworks.  And then Bob reminded us of our CMA resources (website, facebook and yahoo group) with a 15 minute screen-capture video which can be seen at .  There are currently only 24 members who have information on the website.  All members are encouraged to submit their images and information to Pam to have it included on the website.


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We had the pleasure of having Alyson Stanfield, an art business coach, present at our meeting. ¬†Alyson wrote the book “I’d Rather Be in the Studio!”. ¬†She had an open forum where we could ask questions about anything from ¬†making art to social media to business.

Afterwards, we had time to share our current works.  What a variety of mosaics we have in this group!

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